Actor, Director

SCheadStephan was educated in Ireland and England, won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and spent 20 years as a leading actor in theatre, feature film and TV. He played title roles in films and TV series and was proposed for nomination for an Emmy Award for Doctor Sutherland in the film “The Nightingale Saga”. He was a one-time member of the Royal Shakespeare Company and played Hamlet in a long tour of India for David Conville and the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre Company. He sang Bernard Rosier in Ken Hill’s original musical production in Newcastle of Catherine Cookson’s “Katie Mulholland”. In addition he has often narrated and performed at festivals and recitals of words and music. He is an Associate Member of RADA and a coach for RADA in Business.

In 1988 Stephan founded the Rhubarb voice-over agency and is currently MD of Stephan Chase Productions, a consultancy and audio production company. He is also a part-time teacher at Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School.

Stephan lives by Richmond Park with his family. He is a keen cyclist.

In 1991 he combined his experience of acting, directing, producing, coaching and running businesses to offer Managing Authentic Presence.
“The art of effective communication” (c)
“To manage like an actor or act like a manager” (c)

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